In the world of maker spaces, there are some that are so beautiful they make me want to just throw myself right off a bridge when I look at them. At Jane our product space for our vendors is the highest priority so the dream of having a maker space hasn’t seemed like a reality until now. Meet our maker space!! We took our former office and dressing room and turned it into this..

IMG_5638.IMG_5636 IMG_5637 IMG_5640 IMG_5641 IMG_5642

It’s tiny but it’s very functional and it’s sooooooooo pretty!! The tables are made from 100 year old barn wood. The quilt was a find from the year 1899 and has the makers name’s stitched into the pattern. The vintage paint brushes were collected on our picking trips. The clipboards filled with vintage lettering stencils are actually quite usable. And the art bar that holds our supplies are two upcycled lockers that we bought from a former Jane!

Our first class in the space was a Kokedama Planting class and was sold out. Here is a sneak peak!

IMG_5649 IMG_5646
It was a pretty messy class so we covered the table in plastic and then played in the dirt like pros!
IMG_5662 IMG_5660
So much fun and I learned a lot I didn’t know about planting! Our instructor, Kristine (one of our sweet Janes), was great!!! She is teaching several other classes in the next few months including indigo dying, doll making and maybe another planting class!


Go check our upcoming class schedule and sign up to learn something new! We are saving you a seat!