To our clients and followers of Vintage Jane:

The past 6 years have been great and we are so excited about our future.  As you know, change is a constant around these parts and as we enter 2017, we’ve decided to tweak our “brand” a bit!  After much deliberation, we have decided to drop the “vintage” prefix from our name, opting instead for the singular “jane”.  If you didn’t already know, “jane” means “woman” and we want our little store to embody the lifestyle aspects of what that means today, i.e., to be stylish, artful, and always confident.

So all that said, whether we pick up and move, add new artists, reset the look of the store (including which door to use as an entrance!), or change our name, who we are will always stay the same: a group of artists who love to find and make things for YOU!


the janes